The 2020 way

2020 specialises in the creation of sales meetings with decision makers in your target markets.

Unlike most other lead generation companies, we don't simply accept a brief and blindly execute it.

2020 consults with your executives so that we can help to define and create the campaign.  

We become a trusted partner and contribute to your growth strategy.

Our commercial terms reflect our confidence in our execution - which means that we carry the risk, not you.

There are 4 key stages to a 2020 engagement:


2020 has very senior and experienced business leaders who work directly with you to understand your market proposition and sales performance and requirements.

This is a critical USP for 2020 - we are able to add high value to your growth strategy and plans.

Our consultants seek to get a deep insight into why your customers really buy from you.

This is what forms the foundation of our campaign design.


We reflect on why your clients really buy from you - your uniqueness - and design your campaign around this.

The message defines the audience you need to sell to.


Your target market place will also be determined based on geography, industry and size.

We then build the data that meets the profile, and craft the message cadence in parallel.


We only use email  communication to contact target prospects.


We have a specific and proven process and sequence of pre-written emails and follow-ups. 

We arrange mutually convenient telephone meetings for you with your prospects and provide you with a brief on the contact and their company.


Our process is proven and works.  

2020 will provide you with a predictable and high quality flow of new sales opportunities; your job is to convert them to deals.


 We work with our clients continually to check that leads are hitting the right mark.  


We adjust as necessary to ensure the long-term quality and service.