Who we are

2020 was not originally created as a lead generation company.  

Our processes and methods were designed and used by our founder in the tech companies he has run over the last 20 years.

The principles that we employ in creating demand for our clients are based on real-world experience on your side of the fence.

We generate telephone sales meetings because it simply makes sense: genuine decision-makers are busy people.  If you want to open up a sale, then respect their time.  Take 30 minutes on the phone with them and add value, and they will respect you.

Our team has a range of experience, skills, and qualifications.  

At the front-end we have PhD-qualified business leaders who can help you to re-imagine your business.  


At the back-end we have teams of focused, ambitious and young professionals, determined to bring value.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and client focus.

We have a simple mantra; treat our clients and partners as we wish to be treated.  

It's a philosophy that works.

"To my shame, I have probably wasted millions over the years trying every conceivable method of generating reliable, quality sales opportunities for my sales teams.

I've run marketing events, gone to trade shows, hired internal telesales teams, outsourced to external telesales teams.


I've given my salespeople call targets and call days, and put juniors onto the task of breaking down the doors to decision makers.

And in the process I've learned by my mistakes.

It's actually quite simple: if you want to sell anything, you need to be crystal clear about the value that you bring to your clients - from their viewpoint - and understand why you're different.

You then need to think about who cares about that.

When you've done that you need to be realistic about where you can sell.

When you've done all that, you need to build the message, build the database and calmly, routinely and consistently connect with your target audience and bring value to them.

That's what the 2020 process is designed to do."

Kieran Lees - Founder