Our Clients

Our clients range from start-ups -where a brilliant business idea needs opportunities created - through to mature, established enterprises, needing to improve the performance of their sales teams, and find a more effective way of generating quality leads at the right level, in an affordable manner.

We have clients and campaigns in the USA, UK and Europe.


Clearpeople Ltd

Simon Mitchinson, Sales Director

2020 were a huge help to our team in positioning our Atlas software solution. Their ability to interpret our value to clients, and then capture this in the messaging was fabulous.

We receive between 20 and 30 new prospect meetings with decision makers every month.  The relevance and quality is excellent.  Our sales pipeline has grown by millions of pounds in just 6 months.  2020 are simply a part of our team and strategy now.

Mintec Ltd

David Bateman, Global CMO

2020 generate leads for us in the USA, UK and Europe.  We have continually scaled-up the service with them.  Our sales people receive around 30 meetings per month.  Our new business forecast is growing at a rapid rate, and we are getting access to specialist procurement and category managers in companies we simply haven't been able to penetrate before.

trust-hub Ltd

Ian Bryant, COO

We have a great software solution which has been challenging to articulate and communicate.  2020 have been able to understand the potential value and create powerful messaging and positioning for us.  

We set them a specific meeting target each month, and they consistently deliver, and our revenue forecast is growing as a result.

Symec Ltd

Simon Crofts, Regional Sales 

Symec is an expert in mobile communications solutions, providing hardware and software to both deliver and manage large mobile product estates - including labelling, printing and other devices.  We have had challenges creating decision-making appointments for years.  2020 challenged us hard on our proposition and target contacts and markets, and then came up with the "Where there's muck, there's brass" campaign. It's been hugely successful in generating not only a high volume of leads, but also with the right people.  Highly recommended!

Critical Blue Ltd

David Stewart, Founder & CEO

Our proposition is difficult to position in the market.  We have a very specific IT security solution, that needs to be sold at an executive level, but is technical in nature. 2020 have taken considerable effort to understand our proposition in detail, and who it should really be sold to, and with what message.  We now see a consistent flow of high quality leads, with people that can make decisions.  We recommend them for both their strategic and go-to-market insight, and ability to execute and deliver on their promises.

Pomerol Partners Ltd

David Van Rooyen, UK MD

Ultimately, the proof of the pudding for me is 'have we increased sales?' The answer is a resounding 'Yes'.  We have received in excess of 60 new business meetings with C-Level execs in blue-chip corporations within 6 months.  2020's process only generates meetings with individuals who want to discuss our proposition, so the opportunities are self-qualifying.

Their secret sauce?  I think that their ability to look at our solution and customer base abstractly and intelligently, and build a unique campaign around that was key.  And of course, they execute with excellence and consistency.