5 Steps


We meet your sales leaders to understand your business, unique differentiation and marketing messages.  We'll look at some of your sales KPI's and organisation to make sure that our service is right for you. You tell us what type and how many leads you need, at what level in your target customers, and with what level of qualification.  Make sure that you know what markets you want to sell into!



Lead Generation

2020 generates a detailed campaign brief based on our initial meeting. Uniquely, we build a new target database for you, either from scratch, or using your current CRM data.  We generate the email scripts specific for you, personalised for your targets clients2020 then commences the lead generation campaign, intelligently using specific proactive performance indicators to continually refine and time follow-ups.  All qualified leads come to your nominated team members as soon as they are confirmed.




Our email methodology continually refines the timing of contact based on the performance of the campaign.  The 2020 email team are appropriately persistent with the sending of email, finding the right balance between positive re-inforcement of message as opposed to over-bearing spamming.  Our consultant will also look to refine the message content with your approval as we learn what are the hot messages.  This way hit rates are very high, and continually get improved.




2020 is focused on your success. We would expect to see a high conversion rate of 2020 leads into qualifed pipeline, and into sales.  If that's not happening, our highly experienced sales leadership consultants can work with your leadership to identify where and how sales conversion rates can be improved.




2020 provides you with ongoing insight into the performance of your campaigns.  If you select our 'Recommendations' service we will also provide you with written reports and recommendations, extending from market analysis and message impact, through to working with you to re-position your own marketing messages.