What we do

We generate qualified telephone meetings with decision-makers


This is the DISCOVER phase where we find out exactly how we can help you.


2020 has highly experienced and qualified business leaders who work with your executives.  


Our success is based on a forensic understanding of your proposition and why your clients buy from you.  

We often find new ways of articulating your real value.  This analysis is critical.  It's also highly valuable to you, and one of our unique differentiators.

With CLARITY comes accuracy. That's how we create VISION.

This is the DESIGN phase where we create your campaign.

We process all the information we gained and re-imagine your market positioning.

We define the message, the audience and the markets.

This VISION becomes the foundation of our success with you.



This is the EXECUTE phase. It's about the processes and team that deliver the VISION.

2020 has developed and refined what we do over many years.


We've learned what works and what doesn't.  


We know that to be successful for our clients we need to show DISCIPLINE, RIGOUR and TENACITY.

There are no shortcuts.

We continuously build and refine your data.  


We continuously follow a structured cadence of email contact with your prospects.

When they're ready, we schedule your meetings for you, provide you with details of the prospect and their company, and then let you do your bit; selling your proposition to someone with authority that wants to hear about it.